“To work with highly motivated people who are passionate about their lives (be it work, hobbies, art, music, sport or any other part of life) is the most rewarding work I know.”

Estelle Boheman, Coach U graduate

This is probably because I am what could be described as an “all-in person” – when I’m there, I am there 100%. I am also highly sensitive, which is one of my greatest assets when coaching people. 

I have learned over the years that passion and ambition can also have a flip side, it’s easy to get pulled away from your center. In fact, the more the passion the more important it becomes to stay grounded, to be connected within yourself. When I talk to people this is one crucial area – I find it so important that I have written a book about the difference between being you, as a present human being, and being consumed by your thoughts and feelings. 

Why is this important? Because most of our problems come from too much thinking and not being able to detach from those thoughts. This creates a feeling of overwhelm. When you get space between you and your thoughts your real priorities become clear; your decisions come from that place of knowing what to focus on. Then the world becomes much more easy to deal with.

I believe we can accomplish so many great things when we put the right energy to what we do but we first need to get our priorities straight.

In my practice I help highly motivated people find their priorities to achieve what it is they want to achieve. 

What you need to do is ask youreself these questions:

  • Am I willing and ready to find out what truly is important to me?
  • Am I ready to prioritize?
  • Am I ready to make tough and maybe uncomfortable actions (for example saying no to things that others want you to do)?

If your answer is yes to these questions, and you  want to find out more about how we can work together please reach out to me here:

tel: 46- 707 91 34 48

Looking forward to working with you!